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The Investment Property Advisors team has worked in many aspects of real estate. With over 50 years experience in the industry, we take pride in being able to succeed in any economic market. We believe the team is imperative to the success of IPA. An excellent team produces exceptional work. Our team brings expertise in each necessary area for all of our projects.

larry gough


Larry Gough is the managing member of Investment Property Advisors. He has years of experience developing, constructing, and managing more than 3,500 multi-family units and over 500,000 square feet of commercial real estate. His expertise and leadership guide IPA strategically into building the right product at the right time for the right market. Larry carefully pilots the IPA team through the development process and oversees each asset to position it for success. Larry is a proud Purdue University alumnus with a degree in civil engineering and currently resides in Louisville, KY, with his family.


john g. leurck


A crucial part of the IPA Team, John brings his expertise as legal counsel for IPA. John has worked as a part of in-house legal counsel for a Fortune 500 quick-service restaurant entity, private legal practice for various Indiana law firms, with a focus on general corporate law, securities and finance matters. His in depth experience with many facets of real estate law is a key piece in our development process. His previous work experience includes multi-family real estate development matters, residential development sites, and urban, high-density projects. Additionally, Mr. Leurck currently owns interests in a residential real estate venture located in Indiana.


tegan stuby-hekter


Tegan joined IPA in 2009 and excels in bringing chaos to order. Before joining IPA, she served as Development Coordinator for WPM Construction. Tegan oversees the internal accounting and reporting efforts for IPA’s projects and maintains communications with vendors, lenders, and partners. Tegan earned a degree in accounting from Davenport College and currently resides in Centreville, Michigan with her family.


diana wellman


Throughout her career, Diana managed commercial real estate transactions and related activities for investment firms and lending institutions. Her transactional experience spans from traditional lending to complex financing, including portfolio acquisitions and dispositions, construction lending, CMBS, mezzanine finance, bonds, and new market tax credits. Diana assists IPA with development related due-diligence, market analysis, construction management, loan closings, acquisitions, and debt/equity placements. Diana and her family live in her hometown just south of Louisville.


galen roquet


Galen has a diverse background in entrepreneurship where he started small businesses and turned them over to competent managers, some of which he currently maintains a role. He contributes to IPA through pre-development research, planning, and coordination of new projects, particularly those involving tax credits and community development. He facilitates partner relationships and is creating new internal processes to improve the development teams’ capacity. Galen and his family reside in Louisville, KY.